......... where science, technology and business meet​


​    Synergetix  LLC



True to our motto, ‘….where science, technology and business meet’,  Synergetix brings into focus these key factors upon which a successful business outcome depends. Indeed, the wide range of services we offer cross most traditional boundaries; they create synergies and supplement companies’ internal capabilities delivering the results sought, at a fraction of cost, and with no long-term commitment. Building upon our solid technology foundations in RF, Microwaves, mmWaves and Electro-optics, and working closely with our customers in the defense and telecommunications industries, we became a trusted resource, and often a ‘sounding board’ for new ideas, technologies and business ventures.

           Abbreviated list of services available:

              Technical and Budgetary Bid & Proposal (B&P) support – Blue/ Red Team

              Independent Technology Review & Assessment
              Independent Needs Assessment
              Qualifications assessment – new employees  
              Training development and coordination*
              Design Support
              Technical Patent Applications - review and filing process support
              Program Management Support
              Strategic Planning and M&As
              Turn-around situations
* Our recent teaming with Organizational Effectiveness Institute (OEI), a leading
   US provider of Continuing Engineering Education Program, brings to you now a cost-
   effective, uniquely structured training, tailored to your specific needs. 

   We take only selective assignments, the ones we know we can deliver on, and work
   in full confidentiality with your designated staff to accomplish it.

              Phone: (202)241-3467    Fax: (561)200-8468    email: info@synergetixusa.com